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National Lottery has winning ticket

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Tue, 28/08/2012 - 15:25

National Lottery has had a good past month, although perhaps not quite as good as for the 100 very lucky ticketholders it made millionaires on the night of the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

In mid-July, National Lottery launched its ‘Anticipation’ advertising campaign, which featured an amusing TV advert that showed Britons – from a pair of newlyweds to a pensioner and her dog – eagerly anticipating the “big event”. The viewer is led to believe the people in the advert are getting all worked up about the upcoming Olympic Games, until it is revealed that what they are actually excited for is the ‘100 UK millionaires’ draw on July 27th, the same night as the opening ceremony.

It also rolled out an emotional advert that highlighted its contribution to Team GB athletes and the Olympic Games, told through one woman’s journey from ‘child to champion’. The ad, which ran throughout the entire Olympic period, portrayed a mother who did not pursue her own athletic dreams watch her daughter compete in London 2012. “I wondered if whatever was within me was within her,” says the mother/narrator, “and today, thanks to National Lottery funding, my daughter lives her dream.”

Through the ‘Anticipation’ campaign and ‘child to champion’ advert, National Lottery managed to capitalise on the excitement and emotion associated with the Olympics, which helped ignite a dramatic increase in its BrandIndex scores.

Buzz for National Lottery rose by more than 10 points from July 17 to August 21 (+13.4 to +24.2). Sharp increases were also registered for National Lottery on Impression: +12 on July 19 to +16.4 on August 21 & Reputation: +15.5 on July 12 to +21.7 on August 21.

While it appears that National Lottery has certainly made it to the podium with its campaigns, what remains to be seen is whether it can maintain its winning streak when the exhilaration of the Olympic and Paralaympic Games dies down.

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