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Millennials' recommended retailers compared to parents, grandparents

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Wed, 02/07/2014 - 22:42
Ted Marzilli
Victoria's Secret Pink

Millennials show a remarkable amount of similarities to those 35 years plus in the retailers they recommend, but with a few distinct differences.

Measuring the retail chains they’d recommend most to their friends, millennials shared seven of the same brands with the older demographic: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, Best Buy, CVS, eBay and Staples. All of which may be filed under the “basic living” category.

However, millennials put their own “highly recommended stamp” on three retailers in their top 10 ranking that did not appear on the 35 years plus rankings:

- Women’s lingerie specialist Victoria’s Secret, whose models have taken on a celebrity life of their own. They produce one of the most watched TV specials of the year. The company targets the college women market through its Pink brand.

- Mass discount store chain Target comes in at #6. Despite enduring one of the biggest data breach-based crises in the industry, the retailer has made a slow, gradual recovery. The its combination of hipness and aggressive pricing seems to position it well with the 18 – 34 demo.

- Videogame specialists Gamestop squeezes into 10th place, competing against the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, which also carry console titles.

The post-millennial population also has three to call their own for most recommended:

- Like direct competitor Staples, Office Depot not only has clear, clean aisles of office supplies, but is a main buying spot for school supplies too.

- Warehouse club Costco, which appeals to homeowners who can store bulk purchases.

- Kohl’s is the only retail clothing specialty chain on either list, a favorite of mainstream shoppers.

Forever 21 and Foot Locker appeared on the biggest gainer lists for both demographics as recommended retailer brands but again, each demographic has its differences.

Walmart has made the biggest recommendation strides with millennials since a year ago, with Sam’s Club and Kmart on the list too.

All adults aged 35 years and over gave the biggest gains to 7-Eleven, although its Recommend score is negative, followed by Big Lots and Best Buy (the latter coming in at #4 on the most recommended brands in this demo).

All major retailers were measured with YouGov BrandIndex’s Willingness to Recommend score, which asks respondents: “Would you recommend the brand to a friend?" Respondents were divided into two categories: adults 18 – 34 (millennials) and adults aged 35 and over.

Millennials: Top Recommend Scores Retail
Millennials: Top Recommend Scores Retail
Millennials: Top Recommend Improvers Retail
Millennials: Top Recommend Improvers Retail
Adults 35+: Top Recommend Scores Retail
Adults 35+: Top Recommend Scores Retail
Adults 35+: Top Recommend Improvers Retail
Adults 35+: Top Recommend Improvers Retail
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