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Marketing Profiles Of Denver Broncos & Carolina Panthers Fans

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Wed, 03/02/2016 - 14:50
Ted Marzilli
Carolina Panthers

The Super Bowl is not just a meeting of two different teams, but vastly different fans in gender, consumption, tastes, wealth and lifestyles.

Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos fans could not be further apart in those criteria, making marketing to the fans of these two teams possibly quite challenging. Just for starters, when compared to the general population, fans for each of these teams skew very widely along basic demographics such as gender, age, and income, as well as in their preferences in music, film, magazines, TV networks, and many beliefs.

Consumer perception research firm YouGov BrandIndex’s new Profiles service drew data examining the habits and preferences of Broncos and Panthers fans, each compared to the general US population. Profiles collects and connects data on demographics, attitudes and opinions, brand usage and perception, media consumption, lifestyle, and social media and digital engagement.

How do the two fan bases differ compared to the typical US consumer? A typical Panthers fan is younger, more religious, watches 15 more hours of TV each week, and makes far less money. Their tastes lean more toward kids movies (“Transformers,” “Monsters vs. Aliens”). Broncos’ fans skew older and towards more male-oriented movies (the original “True Grit,” “White House Down” and the John Wayne classic “El Dorado”). A Panthers fan is more likely to be driving a Ford, while for a Broncos fan, it’s a Toyota.

Despite the gaps, there are five things they both have in common: 1) negative feelings about the government and the direction the country is going, 2) they spend one to five hours a week on the Internet, 3) they’re big college football fans, 4) their politics lean right, and 5) their preferred streaming service is iHeart Radio.

Profiles uses a subset of more than 180,000 of the most active YouGov's panelists. The data is updated continuously and weighted appropriately to represent a nationally representative sample.

Demographics of Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos Fans (%)
Demographics of Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos Fans (%)
Movies most correlated with Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos Fans
Movies most correlated with Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos Fans
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