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Looks like fathers are as enamored of Band Aids as moms

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Tue, 16/06/2015 - 16:32
Ted Marzilli
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Band Aid knocked Craftsman out of the top spot down to number three to become the best perceived brand by fathers this year.

Just last month, Band Aid debuted as the number one brand for mothers as well. Half of the brands on this year’s top 10 ranking for fathers are new, including Band Aid:

  • Google climbed from the number 15 spot to number 4, making it the third biggest perception gainer since one year ago.
  • Johnson & Johnson rose from #13 to #5. Johnson & Johnson not only makes Band Aid, but products used by men such as Rogaine, Lubriderm, Ben Gay, Listerine and Rembrandt toothpaste.
  • Cheerios returns at #8 after falling off last year’s ranking.
  • M&M just makes it into the 10 spot, up from #14.
​Moving off the top 10 rankings this year are Samsung (now #12), Ritz, History Channel (now #20), Clorox (now #11), and Sony (now #16).

For the ranking of the biggest perception gainers with fathers, this year there were far fewer rebounds of brands from crisis than usual. Instead of banks, beer and energy drinks, the biggest gainer was ready-to-assemble furniture chain IKEA, followed closely by General Motors on the bounce back, then Google, Hefty, Chase bank, Intel, Diet Dr. Pepper,, Wrangler and BP.

YouGov BrandIndex filtered their entire 1,400+ brand universe for respondents who identified themselves as men age 18 and over with children under 18 years old. The firm then ranked them using their flagship Index score, which measures brand health by averaging sub-scores on quality, satisfaction, impression, value, reputation and willingness to recommend. The scores reflect surveying over the past 30 days.

Index Scores: Fathers
Index Scores: Fathers
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