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The long wait for change

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Mon, 12/12/2011 - 15:56
John Lewis

John Lewis launched its £6Million Christmas advertisement titled ‘The long wait’ in November 2011. The ad, which initially launched on both Twitter and YouTube in early November, instantly began to receive attention. Tens of thousands of tweets were made on Twitter in the first week alone and on YouTube the advertisement has received over 3 million hits to date. On November 11 the campaign hit the television airwaves and since then attention has snowballed.

The long wait advertisement is centered on the old Christmas adage that ‘it is better to give than to receive’. The advertisement follows the life of a young boy during the lead up to Christmas. The ‘catch’ of the advertisement occurs when, on Christmas day, the boy rushes past his newly delivered pile of unopened gifts into his parents’ bedroom in order to present them with a gift. That unselfish gesture is the sentimental component which is said to have ‘touched the lives of millions’.

Whilst many feel that the advert is a touching one, not all feel that the advert is truly worthy of all the attention that it has received. “An advert for a shop. That's all the John Lewis thing is” – columnist Charlie Brooker said in an article written for The Guardian. He goes on to mention that whilst the advert has received a great deal of attention, it ultimately fails to be truly ‘moving’. Perhaps there is some truth to what he is claiming.

BrandIndex Buzz score, which measures the amount of positive and negative noise around the brand, has significantly increased following the launch. Buzz scores rose from 23 points on November 18 to a peak of 28.9 points on December 2.

However, whilst people are reporting that they are hearing more positive than negative things about John Lewis, the ad to date has failed to cause any significant shifts for any of the other metrics measured on BrandIndex over the same time period. All key indicators of brand health are either at or near where they stood just prior to the launch of the advertisement. Additionally, Impression of John Lewis was 3.4 points lower on December 2 than where it was on November 1 and Satisfaction was also down 2.7 points (albeit neither of these are significant shifts).

The ‘long wait’ advert is set to run well into December. It will be interesting to watch John Lewis over the final lead-up to Christmas to see if any significant shifts in its brand health actually do occur. Until then, the long wait will continue…

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