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KFC’s Colonel Creates Boost With Millennials

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Fri, 04/09/2015 - 12:03
Ted Marzilli

The summer-long love-it-or-hate-it return of The Colonel to KFC ads seems to boosted short-term purchase consideration with millennials while significantly raising ad awareness across three key demos, according to YouGov BrandIndex, the only daily brand consumer perception research service.
This may be good news for Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed, who said at a May 27th analyst’s conference that KFC “had lost relevance in the U.S.” and “sixty percent of millennials had not eaten KFC.”
The campaign’s first iteration with SNL star Darrell Hammond kicked off in mid-May, sending its purchase consideration soaring among adults 18 – 34 during its first three weeks. In more specific terms, on May 19th, 13% of millennials would consider making their next fast food purchase at KFC, peaking at 22% on June 11th.

Comedian Norm MacDonald’s mid-August replacement of Hammond as the Colonel has had a less-dramatic but similar effect: purchase consideration went from 14% on August 19th to 20% ten days later, before subsiding to its present 16%.

Neither of the other two key demos – fast food eaters and all adults 18 and over – showed significant increases in purchase consideration since the campaign began.

Ad Awareness for KFC did improve among all three demos, ramping up whether it was SNL star Darrell Hammond or comedian Norm MacDonald playing the Colonel:

  • 32% of all fast food eaters 18 and over were aware of KFC ads when the campaign began and that number is now 45%, the biggest jump among the three demographic groups.
  • Ad Awareness among all adults 18 and over moved from 31% to 41%.
  • Millennials’ Ad Awarenbess (adults 18 – 34) took the smallest bounce, from 28% to 31%.
KFC: Ad Awareness, Purchase Consideration
KFC: Ad Awareness, Purchase Consideration for All Adults, Millennials, Frequent
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