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Jewelry stores are wooing men

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Wed, 11/12/2013 - 13:53
Ted Marzilli

As jewelers carpet the media – especially programming that targets men -- with “popping the question” ads for the holiday season, Zales has a slim lead over key competitors Kay Jewelers and Jared based on potential purchases among men.

Zales had been ahead of its rivals in purchase consideration among men from March through November, but since the holiday marketing kicked in across NFL games and men’s publications, Kay and Jared have closed the gap steadily from early October right through Thanksgiving. Now all three brands are neck and neck in potential sales measurements, with Kay hitting its highest levels since last December and Jared making its highest mark since Valentine’s Day.

Based solely on perception among men, however, non-mall chain Jared has been the leading brand in the category for almost the entire year. Jared has seen its perception among men jump since early November to levels most recently seen around Valentine’s Day earlier this year. Both Kay and Zales also experienced a healthy rise in perception around the same recent time period, with Zales running at about half of Jared’s score.

It is worth noting that one company, Sterling Jewelers, owns both Kay and Jared, and the same ad agency, Cleveland-based Stern, handles both accounts.

According to Advertising Age: “Combined TV spending for Jared, Kay Jewelers and Zales Jewelers during NFL football programming was $42 million in November and December 2012, up 4% from 2011, according to Kantar Media.”

Jared, Kay and Zales were measured using two YouGov BrandIndex scores: Buzz, which asks respondents "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?"; and Purchase Consideration, which asks "When you are in the market next to purchase items in this particular category, from which of the following brands would you consider purchasing?” All respondents were men age 18+.

YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz scores range from 100 to -100 and are compiled by subtracting negative feedback from positive. A zero score means equal positive and negative feedback.
Purchase Consideration is measured as a range from 0 to 100%.

Zales’ Purchase Consideration score ranged between 8% and 10% since March, hitting its top score during the first two weeks in November, and is currently just ahead of its competitors. However, they haven’t had the same success in male perception of the brand based on Buzz, starting October with a 1 Buzz score and now reaching 6, half the score of Jared.

Kay was actually in a slow but steady Purchase Consideration decline from March through mid-October, slumping from 8% to 4%. However, the store chain did a quick turnaround toward the end of October, touching 9% just before Thanksgiving, and now resides at 8%. In terms of Buzz, Kay declined from 10 on February 25th down to 2 for most of August. But they also caught a holiday marketing tailwind and rode it up to a 10 score, passing Zales by mid-November.

Jared, which fluctuated between 5% and 8% in Purchase Consideration, usually rising to coincide with holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and June weddings/graduations, made a jump similar to Kay, moving from 4% in early October to 8% now. The brand took the biggest jump in Buzz score, with a 2 score on October 11 and now sits at 14.

Buzz: Jared, Kay, Zales
Buzz: Jared, Kay, Zales
Purchase Consideration: Jared, Kay, Zales
Purchase Consideration: Jared, Kay, Zales
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