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How BA’s rivals measure up

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Thu, 11/08/2011 - 10:35
Positive sentiment for BA

With the holiday season in full flow, we have taken a look at how airlines are perceived. The top six airlines on the BrandIndex UK Index score (combined for six key measures) are Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, British Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

The detail reveals an interesting pattern - while UK and Australian airlines perform well overall, they do less well on proportional scores (just those with positive or negative opinions).

This indicates that more people use and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of BA, Qantas and Virgin and are generally positive towards them, but they cannot compete with Asian rivals in terms of positive sentiment amongst those that use them.

Satisfaction is a great example. Looking at the standard chart, BA has a clear lead on +24. The BA score comes from 32 per cent of people being satisfied and eight per cent dissatisfied.

Compare that with Singapore Airlines, where seven per cent are satisfied and less than 0.5 per cent dissatisfied and we see that BA may do better at getting people on the plane but Singapore knows how to keep them happy. This is reflected in the proportional chart showing Singapore, Emirates and Cathay vying for first place, Qantas and Virgin slightly further back and BA at the bottom - still good but significantly lower +60.

So in many ways comfort for all of these airlines: BA is still the leading airline in the UK, but they don’t keep their customers as happy as some of their smaller competitors.

The Index Score:
Every day, 2000 BrandIndex respondents rate brands either positively or negatively across 7 measures to provide a unique set of measures (Quality, Value, Reputation, Impression, Advocacy, Satisfaction and Buzz) on brand perception. For each one, the proportion giving a negative answer is taken away from positive to give a single score that can range from -100 to +100. All but Buzz (a measure of how positive or negative the “noise” around a brand is) are combined to form an Index score – a comprehensive measure representing a brand’s health.

Satisfaction scores
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