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Holiday Channel Trends

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Mon, 07/11/2011 - 22:01

Consumers are expecting to spend less at most shopping outlets.

According to our survey, consumers expect to spend more at the large Discount stores like Walmart and Target as well as online and via TV shopping channels and catalogs.

Consumer even expect to spend less at traditional discount channels like Wholesale Clubs and Outlet Centers this holiday season.

And despite clothing being the most commonly cited category for “must have” presents, the shopping option where consumers expect to pull back the most this holiday season is the branded Apparel Specialists. 22% expected to spend less with Apparel Specialists, 3% expected to spend more and 50% don’t intend to shop this channel at all.

Consumer Electronics Specialists’ while stocked with the hottest products as seen in the "Must have" gifts list will also be challenged with a greater percentage of shoppers saying they execpt to spend less at these stores.

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