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Google and Craftsman top this year's Red and Blue rankings

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Tue, 29/10/2013 - 14:56
Ted Marzilli
White House

This year’s Red, Blue and Independent Rankings were measured using the Index score, BrandIndex’s aggregate indicator of brand health. Compared to last year’s list released at the peak of the Presidential election cycle, this year’s rankings show some clear shifts in the Republican top ten.

Fox News Channel, which topped the list for Republicans during the 2012 election, has dropped out of the Republican top 10, and is now lying at number 11. FOX (Broadcasting Company) at number 10 in 2012, has now dropped all the way to 32. Other brands to fall out of the Republican list are Chick-Fil-A and the Discovery Channel.

A new entry on the Republican list is family-centered Welch’s, the maker of grape juice, jams and jellies. The 140-year-old brand was born when Thomas Bramwell Welch decided to serve grape juice instead of wine at his local church. Welch’s currently features only on the Republican Top 10.

Amazon, Dawn and Home Depot are the other new entries for Republicans,

Brands appearing only on the Democratic list are Google – again at number one - PBS and Dove.

New to the Democratic list are Johnson and Johnson, Home Depot and Dove. M&M’s, Levi’s and Sony dropped out of the Democratic top 10 for 2013.

This year the Discovery Channel appears only on the list for Independents.

The brands that feature in the top ten for all three political affiliations seem mostly to relate to house and home. Craftsman, Clorox, Dawn, Johnson and Johnson, Home Depot and Cheerios appear in all three lists as well as online mega-retailer Amazon. Home Depot was a new entry for all three lists.

YouGov BrandIndex’s entire universe of 1,100+ consumer brands were measured with its Index score, the chief measurement of brand health, which combines the average respondent scores for quality, value, general impression, satisfaction, reputation and willingness to recommend. All results were filtered for respondents’ political party affiliation. All respondents were adults 18+.

Index Scores by Party Affiliation
Index Scores by Party Affiliation
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