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'Game of Thrones': The Politician's Favorite

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Sat, 07/05/2016 - 18:15
Ted Marzilli
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season Six is soon to be upon us. This fantasy lovechild of Lord of the Rings and The Godfather delivers an explosion of grotesquerie, sex, dragons, swords, and Machiavellian plot lines so riveting that even the U.S. President is hooked.

According to YouGov Profiles, Game of Thrones fans are more likely to be male, urban, Democrats and are more likely to work in politics or government. They have higher than average annual incomes. Super fan Barack Obama, who fits the fan profile quite nicely, requested advanced access to season six.

Thrones watchers also describe themselves as inclining to being aimless, and indifferent. They are likely to be video games fans. Facebook pages they like include The Hobbit and Bernie Sanders. Their favorite pets are cats. Recovering from an evening of mayhem and carnage their preferred foods are sweet and comforting – vanilla milkshakes, French toast, pancakes and apple crumble. Preferred protein rations are generally delivered via a burger.

Favorite movies include fantasy classics Lord of the Rings and Pan’s Labyrinth, and action/adventure/sci fi Mad Max Fury Road. Favorite TV shows include: Walking Dead and Masters of Sex. Sophie Turner is their favorite celebrity.

Game of Thrones fans are keen second screeners. While watching TV – not necessarily Game of Thrones – they are much more likely than non-fans to be checking out social media, browsing the internet or shopping. They are keen streamers and love Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and Netflix. Find out more about Game of Thrones fans on YouGov’s Profiles Lite.

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