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FIFA’s public perception fails to improve

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Tue, 14/06/2011 - 15:57
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SportsIndex research shows that the public’s perception of FIFA fails to improve as Corporate Reputation and Buzz scores continue to drop.

The public’s negative reaction to the FIFA scandal, which first emerged May 10, has seen no improvement as perception scores for the FIFA World Cup 2014 brand continue to drop. The public’s reaction has been so pronounced it is comparable to reactions towards the Kraft brand in 2010, when Cadbury was acquired amidst widespread disapproval and large scale job losses were announced. Both brands saw their Buzz (the % of respondents who report hearing positive news less the % who report hearing negative news) scores fall; Kraft by 31 and FIFA World Cup 2014 by 34. Corporate Reputation (the % of respondents who think the brand has a good reputation less the % thinking it has a poor reputation) scores followed suit; Kraft by 26 and FIFA World Cup 2014 by 22.

At the lowest point for both brands, 92% of people had heard something negative about Kraft or FIFA World Cup 2014.

Frank Saez, Managing Director for SMG Insight commented on the findings, “Whilst none of FIFA's key sponsors have seen a fall in public perception of their brands, it is interesting that perceptions of the FIFA World Cup, to which they've poured substantial sums of revenue over the last five years, has fallen in the past few weeks. FIFA sponsors will be concerned as to whether long term perceptions of the FIFA World Cup could impact on their brands”.

A year after the takeover, Kraft’s current average Buzz score is -6 and its Corporate Reputation score is -3, both 7 points down from pre-Cadbury takeover levels. However, we will have to wait and see whether FIFA can gain positive public perception and recover or not.

YouGov/SMG Insight SportsIndex is a daily measure of perception among the public, allowing 7 key metrics (Buzz, General Impression, Corporate Reputation, Recommendation, Customer Support, Value and Quality) to be accurately tracked across 50 sporting events covering 17 sports simultaneously.

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