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Facebook vs Google: Which do US consumers like more?

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Thu, 27/01/2011 - 18:23

After a phenomenal year, Facebook is close to narrowing the gap with Google when it comes to public sentiment in the United States, but is not quite there yet, according to BrandIndex.

Facebook currently has a Buzz score of 31 compared to Google’s 39. However, current scores only tell part of the story. Google started 2010 off with a Buzz score of 45, so its current score of 39 represents a decrease of 6 points. Meanwhile, Facebook’s Buzz score see-sawed throughout 2010 only increasing slightly by the end of the year. Privacy concerns over the summer of 2010 sent Facebook’s score into the single digits, while the premiere of the film The Social Network in October 2010 prompted another drop in Buzz scores. Since then, however, Facebook’s Buzz score has been steadily climbing, challenging Google for top spot in the Internet sector in BrandIndex.

Talk of an IPO, a Time magazine cover and ubiquitous mentions in the consumer and business press have more than likely contributed to Facebook’s rising consumer perception scores in the United States.

Facebook and Google 'Buzz' scores
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