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Dairy Queen creates Buzz blizzard

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Fri, 25/03/2011 - 15:56

Dairy Queen, the US chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants, has been fast out of the blocks in 2011 with marketing campaigns for their mix of frozen treats and fast foods propelling the brand’s Buzz scores up from 21 in the New Year to 28 by March 23. Dairy Queen’s Buzz scores consistently out-perform the casual dining, fast food and hamburger sectors, which hover around the high single digits.

Although their marketing activity has on average created positive movement in Dairy Queen’s Buzz scores, the scores for younger age groups have of late decreased significantly. The 35-49 and 50+ age groups appreciated March’s activity with Buzz scores climbing steadily from 24 to approximately 34 since the beginning of the month. The 18-34 age group, however, was cut by more than half from a peak of 44 early in the month down to 19 on March 23.

The 2011 advertising and promotions activity includes the return of Chad, the Mini Blizzard spokesman, in a new series of web spots. Chad brings random acts of kindness like teddy bears, tiaras and Mini Blizzard moments to America, as well as the chance to win a MINI Countryman car for the winning video of a local Mini Blizzard treatment.

Dairy Queen’s ‘Guitar that sounds like dolphins' ad is the third campaign to attract attention. The ad starts with a familiar looking burger commercial that suddenly veers off into the alternative reality of Old Spice Guy parody. It might not have the charm of Old Spice man, but the dolphins sound good, and it created a lot of noise on Twitter.

'Buzz' scores for Dairy Queen and the Fast Food, Fast Casual Dining and Quick Service Hamburger Sectors
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'Buzz' scores for 18-34, 35-49 and 50+ age groups
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