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Comcast Satisfaction Levels Hit Two-Year High

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Thu, 26/05/2016 - 14:25
Ted Marzilli

More than two years after customer service dissatisfaction tales went viral after its February 2014 Time Warner Cable merger announcement, research shows that Comcast is finally moving in a positive direction.

While all the attention lately has been given to Charter’s purchase of Time Warner Cable and Bright House, Comcast’s consumer satisfaction levels have been quietly rising since last October, increasing in the past several weeks to their highest point since the original merger notice. In the last few weeks, Comcast has broken into more positive feedback than negative, also a first since the TWC announcement.

While Comcast still falls significantly short of the satisfaction levels of the sector average, it’s clearly a sign that the highly visible consumer backlash may have prompted some soul searching and action. Comcast announced new customer initiatives last year, which may have contributed to the satisfaction improvements:

  • A new policy crediting customers $20 if a technician is late to an appointment.
  • Comcast hired 5,500 more customer service representatives.
  • Consumers can now return their equipment via UPS instead of standing on a long line at the nearest company store.

YouGov BrandIndex measured Comcast and all major cable and satellite providers with its Satisfaction score, which asks respondents: "Are you a Satisfied customer?” A score can range from 100 to -100 with a zero score equaling a neutral position.

Jumping from its lowest point of a -12 Satisfaction score one year ago to its current score of 3, Comcast’s levels have risen 150%. The average Satisfaction score of the cable and satellite television sector is currently 11.

Satisfaction: Comast/Xfinity, Cable and Satellite Sector
Satisfaction: Comast/Xfinity, Cable and Satellite Sector
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