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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - M&S gets pulses racing and people buzzing

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Tue, 27/09/2011 - 10:15
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Earlier in September, Marks & Spencer unveiled two new adverts in the UK showcasing the autumn / winter womenswear collection. Both directed by Jordan Scott, the daughter of British director and producer Ridley Scott, the ads centre on the theme of romance and see two women getting ready for two very different evenings.

The first ad ‘Rendezvous’ premiered during ITV1’s Red or Black on September 7 and follows an older woman as she gets ready and goes to a sophisticated restaurant. As she passes the bar a younger man catches her eye, only for her to breeze past to meet her husband, proving that ‘She’s still got it’.

Following closely on September 9 was ‘The Date’, this time based around a younger woman getting ready for a first date. Similar to the first ad, we see the woman try on and dismiss a variety of outfits before finally settling on a dress which, when she appears at the door to greet her date, visibly wows him and as the tagline suggests, guarantees a second date.

And it’s not just the women’s date’s pulses that the ads have got racing, as Buzz scores for the Marks & Spencer brand have rocketed since the launch. Pre-campaign Buzz levels stood at 25.2 points on the September 7, rising by 9.1 points to a high of 34.3 points on September 15. In a case of life imitating art once more, the ads have proven to be a particular hit amongst men, with Buzz increasing from 17.5 points on September 7 to 34.3 points by September 15. M&S clearly ‘still have it’ when it comes to adverts!

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