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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - John West pushes the boat out with new campaign

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Thu, 27/10/2011 - 14:06
John West "Discover the story behind every can" campaign

The tinned fish brand John West launched a new campaign earlier in October encouraging consumers to “Discover the story behind every can”. Designed to boost the brand’s sustainability credentials, the marketing campaign accompanies a new website featuring a new initiative where consumers can trace the provenance of their tuna and find out where it was fished from, the species’ name and the name and picture of the boat.

The TV ad itself features an explanation of the new initiative, alongside scenes of fisherman out at sea catching tuna, with humorous stories such as a trip on the ‘Rainbow’ where Fernando has had enough of Dmitri’s comb over and chops it off!

Since the TV ad first broke on October 10, Buzz scores have increased at a rate of knots, netting an impressive rise of 8.2 points to reach a high of 12.9 points on October 25. Despite the focus on promoting the brand and targeting women, it proves to have been a hit with members of both sexes as we see very little difference in Buzz levels between genders.

Initially available for tuna, John West plan to roll out the provenance initiative to its tinned mackerel and sardines over the next nine months. After being ranked seventh out of eight in Greenpeace's 2011 tinned tuna league table, let’s hope it’s plain sailing from here for the brand!

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