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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH: John Lewis advert strikes chord

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Thu, 27/09/2012 - 16:00
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On September 14 John Lewis unveiled a new television advert campaign called ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’. The 90 second advert was filmed using a ‘split-screen’ style whereby the viewer is shown the beginnings of a relationship between a woman from the 1920s and a ‘modern-day’ man.

John Lewis has stated that their ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ TV advert “sets out to prove that what's really important in life doesn't change either”.

Happily for John Lewis things have been changing. Buzz for John Lewis has increased following the release of the newest advert. On September 13 John Lewis had a Buzz score of +20.7. By the September 24 this had significantly increased to +25.1.

John Lewis’s Attention score also has also increased: on September 13 John Lewis had an attention score of 24.1% and by September 25 this had climbed by 3.5% to 27.6%.

There have been some very impressive uplifts in the Buzz and corresponding Attention measures for John Lewis. It will be interesting to see what other brand measures are impacted over the coming weeks as a result of their campaign.

Watch the advert here:

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