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CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH-Coca-Cola: younger generations ‘move to the beat’

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Tue, 19/06/2012 - 09:55
CAMPAIGN OF THE MONTH - Coca-Cola: younger generations ‘move to the beat’

Coca-Cola has been engaged in a massive pre-Olympic global campaign entitled ‘Move to the Beat’. The campaign, which launched in June 2011, has included several key pieces, including: ‘Future Flames’, which encouraged consumers to nominate young people to carry the Olympic Torch through the UK and a giant urban artwork piece named ‘Beat Wall’, which was purposely created as a way of using urban culture to enthuse and involve teens and inspire them to become involved with the 2012 Olympic Games.

On May 1 Coca-Cola launched its most recent outdoor campaign to celebrate its sponsorship activity of the Olympic Torch Relay. This campaign consists of a chain of images which display various pop-music artists alongside young torch bearers. Artists include Eliza Doolittle, The Wanted and Dizzee Rascal. The leading carbonated drinks manufacturer has also included the introduction of a new 375ml ‘pocket-sized’ bottle as part of the outdoor campaign.

Buzz for Coca-Cola, amongst those aged 18-34, significantly increased following its outdoor campaign launch. By June 1, Buzz scores had shot up by more than 7 points (moving from +4.9 on May 1 to +12.0). This increase in Buzz was so strong, amongst the younger generations, that it made an impact on Coca-Cola’s overall Buzz score, sending it upwards by 3.3 points in May 1.

Things have certainly been moving the right direction for Coca-Cola. What remains to be seen is the impact on its remaining overall brand health measures as the Olympics continue to draw closer.

Buzz scores for Coca Cola
Buzz scores for Coca Cola
Buzz scores for Coca Cola amongst consumers aged 18 - 34
Buzz scores for Coca Cola amongst consumers aged 18 - 34
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