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Buzz Improvers - June

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Tue, 28/06/2011 - 14:44
Ted Marzilli

Sony’s Playstation 3 comes in at the top of our list of top Buzz improvers in the US for the month of June. The game console’s improvement comes after a disastrous April and May. As we detailed in a posting on our blog, a series of network outages and massive hacking attacks sent the perception of the company plummeting, yet with the restoration of the PlayStation Network and the company’s attempts at rehabilitation, the brand has finally reached level ground again.

While it sounds as if Sony finally has a reason to celebrate again, their troubles may have been another tech giant’s windfall. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 rolled in at number six on our list, perhaps because of the lack of bad news in contrast with the PlayStation 3.

Another entry on our list might also be because of reasons completely outside the company. Keith Olbermann hasn’t been on MSNBC since January, but the announcement that the commentator would be back on air—for a different channel—seems to have given Olbermann’s former network a boost of publicity, pushing up MSNBC to 4th on our list.

Another television channel made the list too this month, HBO. The cable network was likely driven to sixth place by the successful season finale of one new show, Game of Thrones, the season premiere of another recent hit, TrueBlood, and the coming final season of an old favorite, Entourage.

As a sector, oil companies made a strong showing in our list of improvers too, with BP, Exxon, Chevron and Sunoco occupying respectively the second, third, seventh and eighth spots respectively. Shell and Gulf also made the top 20. The across the board buzz increases might be more reflective of the recent decrease in oil prices, which have trickled down to provide a modest level of price relief at the pump for consumers, rather than any brand-specific perception changes.

Finally, the end of Spring—and the climax of allergy season—has boosted up Claritin, a brand which also appeared on our recent ranking of the most popular brands among LGBT Americans, to the 9th spot on our list.

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