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Budweiser “America” Campaign Flying Before It Starts

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Thu, 19/05/2016 - 14:42
Ted Marzilli

Budweiser may be on to something with its forthcoming “America” campaign more than a week before a single revamped beer can hits the grocery shelves.

Since Budweiser’s May 10th announcement of relabeling all their packaging with the word “America” from May 23rd until Election Day, the brand has shown significant moves up on three key consumer perception metrics.

One of those metrics could make Budweiser’s AB InBev owners and shareholders quite happy: Purchase Consideration, YouGov BrandIndex’s measurement of potential sales revenue.

  • Budweiser shot up from 11% of adults 21 and over considering purchasing their product the next time they were shopping for beer to currently 17%, their highest Purchase Consideration score since last October.
  • Word of mouth doubled from 7% having talked about Budweiser with family and friends to 14% currently.
  • Consumer perception levels as measured by YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score also doubled as well. On a range of -100 to 100 with zero being neutral, Budweiser rose from a 7 score on May 10th to a 14 score on May 16th.

Budweiser already has a lead when it comes to loyalty to the red, white and blue. According to daily consumer segmentation and targeting service YouGov Profiles, consumers who consider buying Budweiser are more patriotic than the general public. However, those patriotic sentiments are more prevalent among older Americans.

Profiles collects and connects data on demographics, attitudes and opinions, brand usage and perception, media consumption, lifestyle, and social media and digital engagement. Profiles is comprised of more than 200,000 of the most active YouGov panelists. The data is updated continuously and weighted appropriately to represent a nationally representative sample.

Budweiser: Buzz, Purchase Consideration, WOM
Budweiser: Buzz, Purchase Consideration, WOM
Patriotism: Budweiser customers, Budweiser considerers versus all US adults 18+
Patriotism: Budweiser customers, Budweiser considerers versus all US adults 18+
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