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BreadTalk - Soya Bean Milk Saga & Its Effect on Consumer Sentiment

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Mon, 07/09/2015 - 06:27
Ervin Ha

After a turbulent first half of 2015, BreadTalk was in the news again after the soya bean milk sold in their outlets were revealed re-packaged rather than “freshly-prepared” as advertised. News on this broke towards the end of July. With BreadTalk acknowledging this in early August, the company has pulled the product off its shelves and apologized for this misunderstanding. However, the apology has not quelled criticisms from consumers.

In fact since the Lee Kuan Yew Commemorative Bun incident in March 2015, BreadTalk’s Buzz score has recovered gradually from negative territories and looked to be on a positive trajectory. However, since the start of this soya bean milk saga, BreakTalk’s Buzz score has fallen from a high of 11 points to a record low of -17.3 points (loss of 28.3 points) in a span of 4 weeks.

When we look at other metrics under YouGov BrandIndex (Perception of Quality, Value, Overall Impression of the Brand, Satisfaction, and Recommendation), we also see a steep decline, all moving towards negative territories. This in indicated by the Index metric in the following chart.

In terms of how this affected consumer consideration to purchase from BreadTalk, we see that there was a further decline in Purchase Consideration (from an already downward trend), which is a strong indicator of future sales under YouGov BrandIndex. This is different from the “LKY Commemorative Bun” crisis where we did not see a decrease in Purchase Consideration at that time.

Since YouGov Brandindex launched in January 2015, we have been tracking over 300 brands in Singapore on a continuous basis, enabling a more transparent understanding on how consumers perceive these brands.

BreadTalk Index, Buzz and Consideration Score
BreadTalk Index, Buzz and Consideration Score
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