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BreadTalk commemorative bun in bad taste

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Fri, 24/04/2015 - 19:42
Ervin Ha

After the passing of Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Bakery Chain BreadTalk launched a “commemorative bun” to mark his passing. Unfortunately, the move was criticized on social media as being in poor taste which resulted in BreadTalk pulling the bun off its shelves the next day.

BreadTalk’s Buzz score was already in a decline since the beginning of February but looked to have stabilized and improved since the beginning of March. However, the incident on March 25 saw the brand's Buzz score lose about 14 points from a positive score of 9.3 to -4.8 points span of 3 weeks. Neither the explanation from BreadTalk, that all proceeds would go to the Community Chest, nor its intent to donate $30,000, succeeded in turning around consumers' perception of the brand.

Impression scores of BreadTalk also took a hit, falling almost 14 points to its current of 6.3 points after the incident.

However, when we look at the Purchase Consideration score, which is a strong indicator of future sales, the incident appears not to have effected consumers consideration levels which showed a small increase after March 25.

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BreadTalk: Buzz, Consideration, Impression
BreadTalk: Buzz, Consideration, Impression
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