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BrandIndex reviews Amazon's performance in 2011

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Wed, 25/01/2012 - 09:22
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2011 was a highly successful year for Amazon in the UK. The Kindle, Amazon’s prized electronic reader (e-reader) has been a huge hit with consumers particularly after the price dropped to £89 a major key to Amazon’s success. In fact, the post - Christmas research from YouGov shows that e-readers and tablets were generally a popular choice to give as a present in Christmas 2011; data indicated that 1 in every 40 adults in Great Britain received an e-reader. The interpreted data also indicated that of the 1.33 million e-readers gifted at Christmas 92% were Kindles, making Amazon’s e-reader by far the most popular choice.

Amazon's achievement has been greatly helped by the explosive growth which occurred in digital product sales – including audiobooks, electronic books and downloads as well as being the online store of choice for many consumers. Regularly topping purchaser satisfaction stats, Amazon’s promotion of an easy to use website has paid dividends.

Amazon is currently in the Top 3 across all measures on BrandIndex and every single metric over the course of the past year has increased for the world’s largest online retailer. Apart from the increases seen on Value and Attention, each of these positive shifts was significant. Although the brand did not have a significant increase on Value, the rise was enough to move Amazon to the top of the list. Buzz for Amazon has increased from +30.3 to +32.4 since the start of the year while Amazon’s Index rose to +58.7 (from +57.3). All of Amazon’s scores are at a very healthy level. Out of the six brand health metrics, Amazon performs best on Satisfaction (+63.2), Impression (+62.9) and Recommend (+62.1).

Amazon has announced that it will be launching its highly anticipated Kindle Fire tablet, a potential iPad rival, in the UK in 2012. Only time will show how effective this new item will be and whether or not we will see Amazon’s continued improvement.

Amazon scores for 2011
Amazon scores for 2011
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