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August's top US Buzz Improvers

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Wed, 29/08/2012 - 21:54

This month's US buzz improvers have two back-to-school brands in the top three.

Target has gained attention for its back-to-school campaign, starting in July 25 with a musical TV spot featuring Larsen Thompson. Singing about backpacks and denim must seems to have impacted registered with consumers, who gave Target a Buzz score lift of 5.9. The store also made a social media push in August 2012, "Give With Target", inviting people to vote for a school which target will make a donation to out of a $5 million store fund.

Lipitor is a surprise entry onto the Buzz improvers list. It could be a seasonal boost, as more Americans begin to think about their health now that the vacation season comes to a close and the Olympics has ended. Lipitor's patent expired in November 2011 and now there are generic, non-brand alternatives to the drug. On August 20, drug maker Pfizer begaun offering coupons to US patients on certain medicines, including Lipitor. Under the Lipitor For You coupon program, Pfizer absorbs up to $75 of the patient’s out-of-pocket cost, which may have contributed to a perception boost.

Wal-Mart's 5.4 score increase could have resulted from riding the back-to-school trend. Online offers, in-store deals and promotions may could have also raised consumers' perception of the brandattention.

AT&T sponsored Team USA with an original spot featuring marathoner Ryan Hall, which aired from July 15 through August. The athlete begins running on a campus, and goes through several towns and villages. All the while he is listening to the unabridged Odyssey, thanks to AT&T's 4G network. The provider also launched "It Can Wait" in August, a social media drive discouraging young people from texting and driving.

IKEA launched its 2013 catalogue this August, just as families might be planning to redecorate now that a new school year is beginning. The brand recently receivedgot coverage for using computer generation in its catalogues, where furniture is digitally created instead of photographed. The brand's latest range of low-cost flat-pack stock has evidently resonated with consumers.

Red Bull has gained a Buzz boost following a summer of non-Olympics sports sponsorship. In August the brand sponsored the Final Descent mountain bike challenge in Tetyon Village, WY, kart fights in Chicago, IL and Anaheim, CA and the Red Bull LAN in Seattle, WA. It has also kept up a strong online presence, with the Red Bulletin, which provides sporting news on a website and smartphone app.

Visa steamed ahead of the Team USA sponsors earlier in August in terms of perception rises. VISA’s multi-platform sponsorship executions, including TV spots narrated by the familiar Morgan Freeman, catapulted likely helped to catapult the credit card company to its best perception levels of the year.

August's US Buzz Improvers
August's US Buzz Improvers
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