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Anniversary campaign puts the fizz back into Cola

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Thu, 05/05/2011 - 10:53

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Coca-Cola launched a global ad campaign that draws on the brand's heritage. Part of a multi-platform campaign, the TV ad was first shown in the UK on April 18 and features a montage of iconic Coca-Cola ads and imagery from the past 125 years. The ad is soundtracked with the Coca-Cola jingle “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, made famous from the 1970s “hilltop” TV campaign. The ad ends with a voiceover of “125 years of Coca-Cola, 125 years of sharing happiness” and the slogan “Open Happiness”.

Other platforms include an outdoor campaign featuring giant glass bottle replicas fitted with bubble machines in several busy consumer sites, a “Retro Poster Maker” giving fans the opportunity to superimpose their image onto a retro advert and feature on the Piccadilly sign, as well as a limited edition glass bottle range and on-packaging anniversary artwork.

Coca-Cola’s Buzz scores had taken a bit of a knock in April, as news broke that the brand had ended its sponsorship with Manchester United star Wayne Rooney over fears that his lurid behaviour both on and off the pitch would taint the company’s family-friendly image. Buzz fell from 9.8 points on April 6 as the news was announced to just 1.3 points, 3 days later, on April 12. However, the new ad has turned negative perception around, with scores increasing from -0.2 points on April 18 to 13.6 points on May 2.

The anniversary campaign also shows a small lift in likelihood to recommend, with the Recommend measure increasing from 13.6 points on April 18, to reach a sugary high of 24.4 points on April 24. It would certainly seem that the blast from the past TV ad has got people buzzing and “sharing [their] happiness” with the drink!

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