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Amazon Prime: 22% membership as of July 2013

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Tue, 20/08/2013 - 15:48
Ted Marzilli
Amazon Prime

Amazon’s is notoriously tight lipped about what, for other companies, would be headline metrics: Kindle sales and growth figures, Amazon Prime membership and the health of their digital media assets.

Although share prices have softened a little since the company reported results last month that didn’t meet market expectations, 2013 share prices are historically strong. Amazon Prime, which offers free shipping and access to Amazon Instant Video, may be one of the company’s biggest growth drivers, but Amazon has not yet publicly shared membership figures amongst Amazon customers. Surveying hundreds of consumers each month, YouGov’s BrandIndex CategoryView can furnish some insights into the metrics that Amazon doesn’t share.

BrandIndex CategoryView estimates current Amazon Prime membership as peaking at 22% (among Amazon visitors in the last 12 months) in July 2013 and currently standing at 20% so far this August. 15% of Amazon visitors identify as past users.

Amazon Instant Video does score below competitors Netflix and Redbox on several key measures such as east of use, usefulness, speed, entertainment value and value for time spent with the service. Amazon Instant Video is also perceived as being less essential than those same competitors.

BrandIndex CategoryView, interviews hundreds of people every day and asks questions such as product ownership, average spending, purchase intent and more to provide investors and marketers the data and insights they need to predict changes in revenue, profitability, and market share. For Amazon Prime membership, respondents are asked if they are, or have ever been, a member of Amazon Prime. For Intensity Measures, respondents are asked which attributes definitely describe / definitely DO NOT describe the brands on a variety of key characteristics.

Amazon Prime membership: Among visitors to Amazon in past 12 months
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