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AIG achieves positive perception

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Wed, 16/01/2013 - 03:10
Ted Marzilli

AIG has reached its best US consumer perception levels since the financial meltdown of September 2008, most likely helped by its new “Thank You America” campaign which has been airing since right after New Year’s Day.

Fortunately for AIG, the potential lawsuit from former CEO Maurice Greenberg against the U.S. government which was derailed on January 9th after four or five days of controversy appears to have had little impact on brand perception.

As recently as November and December, AIG made its first couple of quick back and forth forays into positive consumer perception territory in over four years. Since the campaign began, AIG has established more of a secure foothold in positive territory.

AIG was measured with YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score, which asks respondents: "If you've heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?"

In the immediate few days after AIG’s “Thank You America” ads began airing the brand’s buzz was relatively flat, but a week later, scores picked up positive momentum and had reached a Buzz score of 6 on January 11th, where it remains today. The lawsuit news that broke on January 7th did nothing to stop the brand’s trajectory. This is the highest Buzz score AIG has had since September 14, 2008, when it was 5.

AIG Buzz Scores
AIG Buzz Scores
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