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“Must Have” Gifts for 2011

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Tue, 08/11/2011 - 19:28
iPad top "must have" Gift

A handful of consumer electronics brands may be the bright hope for the holiday gift shopping season.

For survey responders who had a “must have” gift for 2011, the iPad brand was mentioned nearly as frequently as the entire clothing category, and more than gift cards, including frequently mentioned Apple and iTunes branded cards.

Apart from the consumer electronics brands, however, consumers rarely mentioned specific brands or items for “must have” presents in other categories.

Consumer Electronics

Despite the relative popularity of consumer electronic goods 29% of respondents expected to spend less on this category in 2011 than a year ago, and only 11% expected to spend more. 30% were not expecting to shop this category at all.

Consumers are also less likely to shop at consumer electronics specialty shops. 23% thought they would spend less, compared to 9% who thought they would spend more. 34% were not expecting to visit consumer electronics shops this year.


This holiday season clothing is the “must have” gift category. This year the traditional values of quality, fit and to a lesser extent price were the most important motivators for clothing gift shoppers. Brand names were least important to clothing gift shoppers–although for over half of Hispanic responders brands names were a significant motivator.

Despite apparel and clothing being the most popular “must have” gift category, 27% of responders expected to spend less on apparel shopping this year compared to only 6% who expected to spend more. 21% weren’t expecting to buy clothing as holiday presents.

Apparel and Accessory Specialist channels (eg Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, JCrew) may take a hit this year. Of the shopper channels surveyed, this had the lowest net predicted usage. 22% expected to spend less in this channel, 3% expected to spend more and 50% did not expect to shop this channel at all.

"Must Have" Gifts
"Must Have" Gifts for 2011
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