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What can I use BrandIndex for?

BrandIndex enables you to:

  • continuously track brand awareness and perception
  • see how specific events, strategies and tactics are impacting on brand perception as they unfold
  • check your performance against competitors
  • spot any changes in perception immediately and act

If you are responsible for your brand’s health...

Your brand is your business. In addition to planning for your long-term brand strategy, you need to understand how today’s events are impacting your brand and your competitors’ brands, and be fully informed when taking decisive action.

In any sector, things will be happening every single day: a new product is launched, an advertising campaign begins, a PR event strikes. Whatever it is, you don’t want to be caught off-guard - you’ll want to know exactly what effect this activity is having on your brand and your competitors’ brands immediately. As BrandIndex measures a series of values, you can focus on specific aspects as well as looking at overall perception.

As well as for marketing, BrandIndex provides useful data for human resources purposes with its Corporate Reputation measure, which tells you whether people would be proud or embarrassed to work for your brand.

If you look after your clients’ brands...

If you work at a marketing, advertising or communications agency, you will want to know what impact your activity is having on your clients’ brands. You can use BrandIndex all the way from gauging brand perception pre-pitch, to supporting campaign planning, and monitoring changes in perception throughout the campaign. By pin-pointing movement in individual BrandIndex measures against specific dates, you can analyze which values are most affected.

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