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What is SportsIndex?

SportsIndex is our revolutionary new global, daily sports insight service. Tracking fan perceptions, passions and brand preferences around the world in 38 countries, we offer strategic sports data like no other.

SportsIndex measures perceptions of all major leagues and events in all major markets – every day. True market sizing and comprehensive fan profiling is now a reality. This is what you’ve been waiting for

SportsIndex gives you the power to …


Accurately quantify how many people in each market are engaging with your sport, league or event. From participation and interest to casual followers and avid fans.


A complete demographic, interest and media consumption portrait of your audience means more effective marketing and better sponsorship leverage.


By linking your audience data to our daily tracking of 10,000 brands you have proof of partner impact and an undeniable case for new sponsor fit.


Using 16 brand metrics from Awareness and Impression to Consideration and Current Customer, you know exactly where you stand compared to last year, last month or last week. Comparison to other rights holders is also built-in to drive your commercial success.

For more info on YouGov SportsIndex, contact:

Americas: Scott Horowitz

Europe: Charlie Dundas

Asia-Pacific: Ned Morris

MENA: Frank Saez

INDIA: Joseph Eapen

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