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BrandIndex Version 6 launches in the US

The new BrandIndex has launched in the US with expanded metrics and continuous consumer interviews. New awareness, purchase intent and usage metrics confirm the link between your advertising and marketing activities and perception scores for existing customers, prospects, and consumers in general.

Consumers are now surveyed 7 days a week, not just on weekdays, so you can capture reaction to weekend news, events and sponsorship activity.

Purchase Funnel
The new metrics help you to better understand how consumers move through the purchase funnel from awareness, to purchase, to brand loyalty and advocacy. With the same consumers now answering all BrandIndex questions for a single category, you can confidently track which marketing and communications activities are having an impact with your target audience.

Brand Evangelists and Defectors
Now you can see not only which consumers would promote your brand but which would discourage others from purchasing your brand. You can also discover who is participating in word-of-mouth discussions.

Impact of Advertising and Corporate Communications
Find out who has been exposed to your advertising and communications. Identify who is talking about your brand and how these activities influence consumers. The latest version of BrandIndex gives you a deeper understanding of events as they unfold in real-time.

Corporate Strategy
Understand how your customers perceive your competitors and their reaction to competitive marketing activity. You can discover which customers view you favorably and what types of consumer are in the market for your product.

The new metrics available on BrandIndex:

  • Awareness
  • Attention
  • Ad Awareness
  • Word of Mouth Exposure
  • Consideration
  • Purchase Intent
  • Customer Status
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